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Ibis looking back


If I made a list of the most common sights in Florida, an ibis — the subject of my photo of the week — would be somewhere near the top of the list. You see them every day.

They can be found in wetland areas, as expected, walking with their heads down looking for insects or crustaceans in muddy surfaces. That’s to be expected. Ibises are wetland birds, after all. Freshwater marshes, flooded pastures, swamps and mudflats are all likely feeding grounds.

But I’m not in marshes or mudflats every day.

NY reflection


I'm a sucker for photographs with reflections. Some of my favorite shots have reflected elements - buildings or other structures reflected by glass or still water, sunrises or sunsets reflected by water or glass, ducks reflected in a frozen lake, etc. Reflections make interesting images.

I know when I see a photo where a reflection is the primary subject, like this shot of a reflection of buildings in New York City’s World Financial Center, it tends to cause me to stop and study it. Maybe it’s because the photo shows a common scene in a somewhat distorted, uncommon way. …

Colorful wings


On most days when I head out with my camera I’m chasing photos of birds. Occasionally I come back with a photo of a butterfly, the subject of my featured gallery for July.

That’s not my goal, but it’s nice when it happens.

That’s the reason why nearly all of these butterfly photos were shot using my “bird set-up”:  the Canon EF 600mm f/4L telephoto lens I carry when I'm shooting wildlife. If I run across a butterfly in an interesting setting while I'm shooting wildlife I'll go ahead and get the shot.