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Snow and leaves


It’s Sunday, so it’s time for another photo of the week and the story behind the image.

Each winter I try to hit local wooded parks after a snowfall to get some snowy landscape photos. I return home cold and empty handed after most trips. I don’t see anything that excites me so I don’t shoot any photos.

My January 2014 trip to Sharon Woods Metro Park was another lack-of-success story for locating interesting snowy landscape scenes. But I didn’t come home empty handed.


There’s one thing that will always get my attention whenever I’m carrying my camera while hiking through a nature area or walking around a city.

That’s a scene with a reflection, the subject of my featured gallery for December.

I admit it. I’m a sucker for any type of reflections when I’m looking for photo possibilities.

And there are a lot of types of reflections, a lot of surfaces that can create reflections and a lot of ways they can work when creating interesting photographs.