My site, my rules ...

Selecting photos from my collection for a public display of my favorite images was more difficult than I thought. 

I have more than 100,000 photos catalogued and stored in my database, with new shots added each week. I consider a couple of thousand of the images to be “selects” — photos that have been used for one purpose or another. Reducing that to fewer than 100 to be considered for display on this “favorites” page was somewhat easy. But the final selection, to choose the 15 “favorites,” took a lot of time and thought. 

It’s almost like having to look at my kids and choose a favorite (sorry, Matt and Laura; this was a difficult decision; I know one of you will be disappointed, but … ). 

So what determines a “favorite” image? Is it the quality, the color, the composition? Is it the subject, the situation, the location? Is it the memory of challenges overcome to get the shot? The criteria varied from image to image. 

Friends and family will likely be surprised by – or disagree with - the selections. Heck, I was surprised by my choices. Only one New York City photo? I have a ton of nice New York City photos. What about Times Square at night? That's a very special place. Or Rockefeller Center?

If I went through the process again next week I might select a different 15. That’s the reason this gallery of favorites could change from time to time. And, no, the order of display here doesn’t mean that the first image is more of a favorite than the 15th. The images aren’t ranked. It’s just my 15 favorites … for now, at least. 

I’ve included information with each image that attempts to explain why it made the cut.