Violin up close

Violin up close, Hilliard, Ohio.

The story: Remedy for a snowy day

I can give credit to the snow for this image. Weather was terrible in late December 2006. Snow, cold, ice … not conditions conducive to hauling camera equipment through the woods in search of wildlife.

So I decided to try an indoor shoot using multiple flash units. I had all the technical issues addressed. But I still needed something to shoot.

I grabbed my daughter’s violin that she hadn’t used in years, propped it up on a table, arranged the lighting and started shooting. I created a series of nine images (featured gallery, January 2011) that I’m very pleased with.

For this image I used a Canon EOS 20D with a Canon EF 28-135 f/3.5-5.6 lens at 130mm. I set the aperture at f/36 to get maximum depth of field. Shutter speed was two seconds at ISO200. The primary lighting was a Canon Speedlite to the lower left with a LumiQuest softbox to soften the flash. I placed a second Canon Speedlite to the top right, bare and set at a reduced power, to provide fill and to add some kick to the strings. I placed both lights to allow lighting to fade at the top right to keep the viewer’s focus on the bridge and strings. And I had a couple of white cards positioned as reflectors to bounce some light back on the subject during the long exposure.