02.07.16: Pink daisy

Pink daisy standing above other daisies in our yard, Hilliard, Ohio. 


Technical information

June 4, 2013,
10:50 a.m.

40°3’15” N,
83°8'16" W
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Canon EOS 7D

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM


1/200th second


Many of the photos in my files required some sort of travel, either drives to parks in search of wildlife photos or flights to other cities to play tourist for a few days.

But some of my favorite flower photos required taking just a few steps outside the door to my house on a spring or summer day.

My wife always has our house surrounded by colorful flowers during the spring and summer, providing excellent subjects if I’m in the mood for some macro (or close-up) photography. I just put my 100 millimeter macro lens on the camera, grab a tripod and maybe a flash unit, then head to the yard.

This photo of a pink daisy standing above a field of colorful daisies was taken in our side yard a few years ago. I had just finished cutting grass when I noticed how nice the colors of the daisies looked in the late-morning open shade on the west side of our house. So I put the mower away, grabbed my camera, a tripod and a flash unit to provide some directional light, then started looking for shots.

I ended up with about a dozen photos that I liked, but this is my favorite. The one pink daisy was standing a bit taller than the blanket of other darker daisies, allowing me to keep the pink daisy in focus while throwing the rest of the flowers into a defocused background blur. One green leaf cuts through the scene to provide a strong color contrast to the warm tones in the photo.

Each week I will post a photo from my collection with an explanation of how I got the shot. Previous photos of the week are in the archives.