04.02.17: Nap in the sun

A gray squirrel stretches out on a tree limb on a sunny morning in Prairie Oaks Metro Park near Columbus, Ohio. 


Technical information

June 10, 2007,
9:16 a.m.

39°59’17” N,
83°14'53" W
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Canon EOS 20D

Canon EF 600mm f/4L, Canon 1.4x teleconverter (840mm) 


1/800th second


I think everyone’s had days like this.

There’s so much to do, as there seems to be every day. Places to be. Tasks to complete. Appointments to keep.

But the sun feels so nice that you can’t resist the urge to blow off the commitments, stretch out in the sun and take a nap.

Yes, I’ve been there. And, yes, I wish I had done that.

I found this squirrel during one of my photo hikes. I almost missed it because it blended so well with the tree limb and my view was partially blocked by other limbs when I first saw the squirrel. It’s eyes were closed as it basked in the sun, oblivious to my presence.

It opened its eyes after I moved to a position with a clear view and focused the camera on the squirrel, but it still didn’t move. It stayed flat on the limb, totally relaxed.

I grabbed a few shots, but the squirrel still didn’t move. I stayed around for more than 10 minutes watching the squirrel nap in the morning sun. It looked as if it was trying to recover from a hard night. 

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