10.18.15: Fall in NYC

Trees on terraces of Trump Tower displaying fall colors, New York City. 


Technical information

Nov. 17, 2007,
10:52 a.m.

40°45’43” N,
73°58'29" W
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Canon EOS 40D

Canon EF 28-135 f/3.5-5.6


1/160th second


New York City is definitely a city of tall buildings and concrete, but there are places to go to see fall colors.

Central Park is an obvious choice. It’s an 843-acre break from the concrete that surrounds it. And a number of much smaller parks, like Bryant Park between East 40th and East 42nd streets behind the library, offer a few trees that mark the seasons.

But I found a less obvious choice on this November morning in 2007. I stood on Fifth Avenue between East 55th and East 56th streets and looked to the northeast, where a forest of trees on the balconies of Trump Tower were displaying fall colors.

The splash of color serves as a contrast to the reflective glass exterior on Trump Tower and the more traditional stone exterior of the Coca-Cola Building to the right.

I’ve been in Trump Tower a number of times. The Atrium on the lower floors is a mall of sorts, with a variety of shops and restaurants. As someone who was in New York City on business frequently for years, I learned that there are nice, clean, publicly-accessible restrooms off a hallway between restaurants on the lower level of the Atrium. Knowledge of accessible restroom locations in a city like New York is important when you don’t have time to make it back to the hotel room between meetings in different areas of the city. It’s still important today as a frequent “tourist” visitor to the city.

We were in the Nike store in Trump Tower a couple of years ago doing some shopping when we ran into an issue with our Visa card. After purchasing airline tickets to New York City on the Visa card, paying for tickets to the US Open and a couple of Broadway plays in New York City on the Visa card in advance of the trip, having meals and doing a variety of shopping in New York City for three days using the Visa card, our attempted purchase of a $14 ball cap in New York City Nike store in Trump Tower got Visa’s attention. They froze the card.

We paid cash for the hat, found a comfortable place to sit in the Atrium and I called Visa security. A nice lady there alerted me that someone had attempted to use my card in New York City so they froze the account.

“We are in New York City and have been for three days,” I said.

After a few seconds of silence, she said “Oh.”

I laughed, then said: “The purchase you blocked was probably the smallest charge we’ve put on the card since we’ve been here and you haven’t questioned any of those much larger charges.”


“I appreciate the steps you take to protect security on our card, but it seems like, after accepting charges for airline tickets to New York and charges for advance tickets for activities in New York in the last two months, your computers would recognize that we were going to New York City.”

She laughed. “Yes, you’d think they could do that,” she said, then lifted the freeze on the card.

Now we call Visa before heading out of town to alert their computers that we will be having transactions away from home.

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